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Colorful Book Spines
Colorful Book Spines

Insurance & Risk Management in Financial Planning

Bringing into Focus The Property and Casualty Gaps in the Financial Planning Process and How to Eliminate Them: Click here to view the PDF

Earthquake Information and Earthquake Damage Mitigation


California Residential Earthquake Insurance Market Options and Risk Management Steps to Minimize Damage: Click here to view the PDF​



Residential Earthquake Retrofitting:

Residential Earthquake Shut Off Valve:


Wildfire Mitigation

Residential Wildfire Protection:

Preparing Homes for Wildfires:

Reducing Fire Hazards in the Home Ignition Zone:


Water Damage Prevention

Water Damage Prevention in the home:


Insurance Consumer Information

How Much Does it cost to rebuild my home? To view article click on this pdf >


United Policyholders:


California Department of Insurance:

Art Collection Management  

Wiley Art Collection Management:


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