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Our Unique Approach

We follow the following six-steps in our unique process called the Asset Protection Plan to provide the best possible combination of coverage, best risk management steps and competitive premiums for each of our clients:

  1. Define the purpose and goals of our working together

  2. Gather all the necessary information we require to create the Asset Protection Plan

  3. Analyze and evaluate all the current coverage in place

  4. Develop and present a custom made Asset Protection Plan with Risk Management Recommendations

  5. Implement the Asset Protection Plan and Risk Management Recommendations

  6. Monitor and Update the plan annually and provide outstanding client service year round

This may sound odd for an insurance agency, but we hate “selling insurance”.  We do not provide quotes over the phone. We work best with clients who don’t want just a quote or who are focused soley on price alone but truly want to work with an insurance agency that will create a well-thought out insurance plan that will take time to properly create.


We do really love helping advise our clients on the appropriate insurance coverage options to consider. We will find the most cost effective carriers who will provide the coverage you want and will qualify for.  


We focus on the appropriate coverage first and price second.  You won’t remember how much money we saved you if you have an underinsured or uninsured claim.  It is impossible to properly evaluate your current situation and all the possible options that may be available to you in fifteen minutes or less.  Beware, when you try to purchase your insurance quickly it is a recipe for creating coverage gaps which are avoidable if you are willing to slow the process down and work with us.


Be prepared for a vigorous and in-depth review of your current situation that could take anywhere from a week to several weeks of time to prepare on your behalf after we have gathered all the necessary information from you.

What we need from you typically includes:  copies of all existing policy declaration pages, completed Insurance Risk & Attitude Questionnaire, appraisals for jewelry, art and other collectibles, information about updates to your home's roof, plumbing, foundation, electrical and heating systems, alarm information and any other necessary data we need to help you

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