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David Shaffer Insurance Services invites you to experience working with us, a small but unique professional Independent Insurance Agency

Our Unique Approach to Insurance

David Shaffer Insurance Services has been providing excellent service to our clients

for over 37 years.

We invite you to

learn more about our unique approach

to finding the right coverage for you



"I've had a number of insurance advisers over the course of my life.  David Shaffer has been by far the best.  He's thorough (nothing seems to slip between the cracks); he's incredibly responsive; and he's really client centered--not insurance company centered.  My wife and I trust him absolutely.  I could not recommend David and those in his office more highly."

Larry Butler

"David Shaffer is easily one of  the best insurance professionals in the business. In my work as a litigation attorney for over 47 years, I have dealt with many insurance adjusters and brokers.  Unlike most, however, David goes the extra mile to make certain his clients are protected and that they understand the differences in the quality of policies that are in the marketplace.  His attention to detail is impressive, as is his involvement in the claims process. I greatly appreciate his advocacy when it is needed."

 "David has always been extremely responsive and always looking out for my best interests. He is a true insurance professional who pays very close attention to details, offers more choices and the best coverage options possible at competitive premiums, and who delivers unparalleled great client service."

Scott Ellis

Edward Blum

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